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    OMF Export Woes


      I've been a fan of Premiere for many years, but I've come accross some serious issues with the way it handles OMF files.


      Often when I export an OMF, it simply doesn't complete and just hangs on an export bar forever. Sometimes it's a case of me having to babysit Premiere a little  - remove effects, replace strange sound formats, all things that Premiere should do intuitively anyway. Sometimes there seems like no solution and I have to manually export everything, causing my soul to die in small increments.


      Supposing the OMF does export, I often bring it into ProTools and half the files don't even show up.


      Here's the steps I've taken to prevent this:


      • Timeline cleanup: Removed all video, all empty audio tracks, all effects, all track effects in the mixer window, reset all volume handles.
      • Ensure there are no nested sequences.
      • Flush the Media Cache
      • Clean preferences using a keystroke on startup.
      • Unlinked all audio
      • Ensured all tracks are active, and that none are soloed or muted
      • Set work area and In&Out points around the section I want.
      • Verbally threatened my workstation.


      I even made a trimmed project first using Project Manager and taken it across to a completely different workstation.


      All of this without success. I recently noticed this rather don-descript error message in the OMF log:


      Initializing OMF Export
         10 6 26
      Failure opening file:


      Failure opening file:



      Exiting OMF Export.


      This is, of course, completely useless to me as it offers no solution.


      So I am defeated. My feeling is that OMF support in Premiere is currently more of a selling point than an actual functioning, bug-free capability, though I would really appreciate someone pointing out what I'm doing wrong here.


      p.s. to save me the hassle of taking it over to ProTools every time I want to test it, you'd think Premiere or Soundbooth ro something would actually support OMF?!

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          I use OMF to export from Premiere Pro CS5 (and previously CS4) to my Fairlight Dream 11 DAW. It sometimes works!


          The first thing that could catch it I guess is the OMFI limit of 2Gb. It doesn't kindly mention if you're trying export a file that's too big, it just hangs.

          Secondly it doesn't seem to like too many audio tracks, so making seperate small OMF exports can help and I think the presence of files other than .wav files can kill it as well. Pity that as there are lots of cameras giving AC3's etc now.


          If it keeps failing, you could resort to trying an AAF export. This doesn't have the 2 GB limit. Remove the video clips as it'll try and export those, but you must retain 1 videotrack,

          The AAF export menu is under the File menu, not the Export one.


          David Taylor


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            Hi, I know it's quite old topic, but when I was searching solution for this trouble, this was the first one.

            So maybe this will help others.

            I recently found that this issue could be caused by audio channel sequence settings.

            So before export make sure you have 2 (if using stereo) or 1 channel. (not tested with 5.1 etc)

            You don't have to make new seq, just change this.