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    Help needed with simple image enlargement when viewing a gallery




      I have a gallery component linked to a data thumb list. This all scrolls fine and works. When someone clicks on a thumb it shows the

      image larger. Then I would like it if you click on the larger image it fills the height of the page to see an even bigger view. I have managed to do this but some of the buttons do not work in the area were this image is even if the image is not showing and the image will not go back to its off state even though it has an interaction to do so. If I drag the image component down the layers panel so it is behind all the other bits on my page it all works, the image enlarges and disappears so the previous state is shown. The problem with this is I want the image to cover everything behind it, not be behind everything. I have included a couple of screen grabs just to give you an idea.


      sc 1 simple data list and image component

      sc2 Enlarged image but can not get it to go

      sc3 enlarged image can come and go no changes except I have moved the layer panel down

      to the bottom


      Any ideas how I can get this to work properly would be much appreciated


      many thanks


      sc 1.jpgsc 2.jpgsc 3.jpg