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    crossdomain, local debugging, remote server


      I have a Flash app built with Adobe's Flex, which uses Google's App Engine (Java) for the back end.  Right now I deploy it all to one server.  The Flash app sniffs out its domain, and uses that to construct the URLs for HTTP requests (to the same server) that are resolved by App Engine.  The crossdomain.xml file allows for any of the likely domains that we use for testing and production.


      Now we're moving to a 2-server configuration where the app will be on a server other than the App Engine server, and it will be coded to issue HTTP requests to a specified App Engine server.  I understand that I'll need to modify crossdomain.xml to allow for the not-app-engine servers that might be used.


      But there are two special cases for testing.  One is where both servers are on the local host.  In this case, the App Engine host is Jetty (localhost:8888), and the app host is MAMP (localhost:8080).  This seems to work without making changes to crossdomain.xml, probably because it's a special developer version of Jetty.  But I'm not complaining.


      The other case is where I need help.  In this case, the app host is again MAMP (localhost:8080), but the App Engine host is in the cloud (some-domain.com).  This seems to not work.  I can see that crossdomain.xml is requested and received, but I do not see subsequent HTTP requests that I would expect.  I'm guessing this means Flash has determined that crossdomain is not allowing them.


      I've tried putting allow-access-from domain="*.localhost:8080" and
      allow-access-from domain="localhost:8080" into crossdomain.xml to no avail.


      What are my options here?  Thanks in advance.