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    URGENT: Willing to pay someone ($) for quick AE task


      I know this is not likely the place to post this, but I really need some quick help and am willing to pay someone to do it. I'd love if someone from here would step up, but if not, could you guys just direct me to a place where posting AE projects for hire is common?  I judge it'd take a savy AE guy/gal no more than 20 minutes to complete.


      TASK:  I have no more than 60 seconds of "green screen" video (.VOBs from Sony Handicam).  Problem is, my lighting was low, uneven and crappy.  I'm using Premiere Elements and am fairly savy, but new to AE and don't have the time to learn in the next 24-48 hours or so.  I've toyed with all the effect settings in Adobe Premiere Elements (e.g., lighting, green screen threshold/cutoff, brightness/contrast, etc) but I can't get it right and it looks bad.  I need someone to clean them up and give them back to me so I can import them back into Premiere Elements.  I'm posting this as a HD YouTube video.  My project is 1080x720p, most of my source files are AVI (DV-AVI I think - not sure).


      This project means the world to me (video pitch for dream job), and I need to get it done quickly (I want to finish by Friday).  Please contact me ASAP if you are interested and we can talk $ and get right down to business.  You guys and gals will probably laugh at how simple of a task this is!