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    Accessing Java Classes from Webservice Stubs

    Dan Bracuk Level 5

      So far I have been able to call a web service and copy the appropriate directories and files to the designated class path.  I can also successfully access a class file like this:


      MyObject = CreateObject("java", "ca.x.y.z.TestCollection.TestItem");


      However, whenever I try to do something with that variable, I get a white screen.  Any text that should have appeared before the command, will appear, but nothing appears afterwards, not even debugging info.  Here are a couple of commands that will cause this to happen.


      <cfdump var = "#MyObject#">

      MyObject = CreateObject("java", "ca.x.y.z.TestCollection.TestItem").init();

      x = MyObject.init();


      Anybody have any ideas?

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Is the request aborting, or is it just not outputting anything?  If you CFLOG something after one of those lines, is it logging?


          Do you have an onError event handler which is not outputting to screen any indication that an exception has occurred?


          Anything in the exception log?




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            Dan Bracuk Level 5

            Ah, nothing like a fresh set of eyes to remind of the fundamentals.  Thank you for that.


            I actually could create a normal error by calling a method incorrectly.  I would see the grey box and my debgging info would appear.  However, if I did something I expected to succeed, it would seem to stop.  Any text above that command would appear.  No error message, no de-bugging.


            But I didn't think to look in our error log.  I see things like:

            Could not initialize class com.microsoft.schemas._2003._10.Serialization.Arrays.ArrayOfstring




            At least it's not a mystery anymore.  Thanks again for suggesting the error log.