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    Weird, weird, weird colour picker problem with FW CS4


      Hi guys,


      This is the strangest thing I've ever face with a software program. I use FW CS4 almost everyday, I am not a gurú using it but I consider myself a pretty decent user.


      A few days ago, the Fireworks colur picker (the one that you select from the properties box) started to behave strangely: when I select a colour to assign it to a font, canvas or any other element I have to click from 6 to 9 times on that colour (yes, click, click, click, click...) to make that change visible on the screen. It seems the colour picker is like "frozen" and only responds after several clicks on the damn colour picker.


      I am running this program on 2,66 GHz MacOS Intel Core 2 Duo. I am starting to think that maybe itsn't a software problem...


      Any clue about this orgasmic problem would be more than welcome. Guys... this thing is driving me crazy...