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    Hardware/Project Folder Structure Advise


      Hello all. Before anything I just want to say thank you to all you folks who have contributed to this forum. This community has helped me greatly in flattening the learning curve.


      I would like to ask for your opinion on my current, yet temporary, setup.


      Just to give an over view of my current hardware setup, right now I am working off a 2010 17" MacBook Pro with an external Lacie 2big 2TB drive, setup in Raid 0, connected via an eSata express card. I do nightly backups of my current project onto another external drive just incase one of the drives fails on the 2TBDrive. I am only working on personal projects, shot with a Canon 7D, so I am by no means tied to tight deadlines. So far this setup has been ok and is all I have until I save up for a full blown Windows based, custom build, workstation.


      Premiere CS5 is setup as the following:


      In the Preference Panel > Media >


      Both Media Cache Files and Media Cache Database have been pointed to a folder called "2TBDrive/adobe/common" I created in the 2TBDrive.


      Project setup:

      Lets say I have a project title Project_01


      With in 2TBDrive,  I have the following project folder configuration.







      For project_01 settings I do the following.


      Project Settings > Capture Video: Path: /Volumes/2TBDrive/project_01

      Project Settings > Capture Audio: Path: /Volumes/2TBDrive/project_01

      Project Settings > Video Previews: Path: /Volumes/2TBDrive/project_01

      Project Settings > Audio Previews: Path: /Volumes/2TBDrive/project_01


      Is there anything in the configuration that calls out to you as something wrong?


      When I do get the down to building my workstation, I plan on doing a raid 3/5 with 5 drives, running off a dedicated raid card, and I plan on setting up premiere in the same manner.


      Over all I am just trying apply best practices by keeping things organized and efficient. Any impute would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for your time.