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    Searching an index for a filename

    Murral Level 1



      I was just wondering if it would be possible to use javascript to search an index for a filename...all signs are pointing to 'no' - I've been googling for a couple of hours, had a browse through the acrobat javascript reference and I've searched on these forums.


      Maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing - what I want to do is double click a cell in Excel (which contains a filename) and then search through an index using the 'Filename contains' additional criterion for adavanced searching. I realise you can quite easily search through an index with javascript, but searching the whole thing takes a lot longer than with the 'filename' criterion. I think I've got the cross application thing worked out (albeit for a different purpose).


      I kind of like someone to say "Give up, there's no way of doing this with javascript" so I can move on to other things, but if anyone knows a way of doing it/another method, please let me know!


      Thank you in advance