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    Possible Bug in Parametric eq plugin


      Hi everyone,


      I think I might have spotted a bug…


      When I work on a mono audio file at 32.000 Hz or less and try to equalize it with the parametric eq, I get weird results: it seems like all the frequencies in the graph are shifted to the right. For instance, if I want to  turn up 100Hz, I have to move the eq band to 500Hz!


      This only happens with the parametric eq (all the other eqs and the frequency analysis window work fine) and with mono files. Starting from a sample rate of 32 KHz, the error gets higher as the sample rate gets lower.


      I'm using Audition for Mac on a Macbook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 GHz and 4 GB 1067MHz DDR3 RAM


      Any idea?


      Thanks a lot!