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    multiple rows display in PDF




      I am new to Adobe Livecycle forms . I have a form developed which has to connect to  a java web service , I have gotten to the point where I have created a web service and a test form that calls it using wsdl data connection. I have a query that returns multiple rows and I have to  display those in the PDF , I tried returning it as an Java array and binding it to the table . I bound the cells to the attributes of the object but was not able to get all the data and the table does not dynamically grow.Also I saw that it can be done by returning the data in form of XML. I needed some direction in getting this done .Also I have gone through most of the link on this forum hence posting this one .



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          pguerett Level 6

          Acrobat only supports simple types so you will not be able to return an array. You can return a string of XML to a text field. Then load that xml into the dom and manipulate it for your own purposes. If the xml represents data to fill the form then bindings shoudl be enough and loading the xml into the dom will populate your form.


          Hope that helps


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            Thanks , But I did create a java array object and bind it with a table , Put the

            table in a flowed subform and then check boxed the repeat for each data item . I

            have an inpyt and an button in the form too not on the subform . This supposedly

            should create a dynamic table . My web service returns two data items in the






            I get the first set in the row 1 but it does not dymanically create row two .

            If I have two rows already created ,both these recods show up in their resp .


            I followed the  help that was under Working with data in tables and some other

            threads on this forum , I am not able to understand what I am doing wrong any

            help will be appreciated.






            I get the first record




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              atwork1234 Level 1

              I wanted to post the return response that I get from the web service






              Manisha Telang


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                mmosleh Level 1

                Hi there, am really facing the same problem !!



                I created a process to read multi rows from Database and return the result in XML file.


                In my PDF after creating a data connection to this WSDL I found the XML filled with the Table data BUT I couldn't view this XML in a Table inside my PDF....


                Any Help !!