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    Insert image into PDF



      I want to insert an image into a PDF via a "Browse" button.

      Example: I created a pdf of the registration of members in an association and at one point they must insert their photo and I want them to have just to click a "Browse" button and go looking for their photo on their hard disk and insert it.


      How can I do that ? Use Javascript ?


      Please please please help me !!!!

      It's very important for me.....



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If it has to work for Reader users, you'll need to create the form in LiveCycle Designer and use an image field. You can set up a button on an AcroForm that does this, but it won't work with Reader.

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            TopInan Level 1

            Hi I have same problem with an image that has to be added on a form i send out to our members. This isure must be well known, Im quite new to work with forms in acrobat. I made an pdf with a Javascript that i find at internet. It works in Acrobat pro but it dosn't work in Reader that most of my members are using is there anyone that has a solution on this problem?


            Please I need some help with this issure

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Reader users can't use this method to add images to a PDF. You'll have to

              move to LiveCycle forms to get this functionality.