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    Flash Builder won't replace file in script


      So I'm trying to build an application using augmented reality but I keep running in to a problem.  I want to be able to swap out the marker, but when I change the file path it doesn't take effect. In other words, the original file is "pattern1.pat" and I want to exchange it with "pattern2.pat" within the line [Embed(source="pattern1.pat", mimeType="application/octet-stream")].  But when I make the change and run it, it won't change the marker, it just keeps referencing the previous file (pattern1.pat) when I test. Why!?

      I am using Flash Builder 4. Could it simply be a problem with FB4? I'm tempted to revert back to CS3 and simply build my script using Flash, but I would really like to be using new software instead of old.