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    View in browser doesn't work

    tharring Level 1

      I have set up a localhost server on port 8500 for ColdFusion Builder, but when I try to run a simple test of




      and check it in Safari browser, I get a blank page. None of my .cfm pages show up in Builder. What's wrong?



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          One_Life Level 1

          Your description is a bit sketchy, however a few thoughts (might actually start with step 4).


          1) make sure your cfm files and project is set up to be under your ColdFusion9 wwwroot.  So, on windows, if your project was called test, the correct folder would be c:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\test, with the .cfm files under that directory.


          2) make sure you can bring up the ColdFusion9 administrator panel.  Under Servers, right-click the server you setup, and do "launch ColdFusion Administrator".  Make sure your local server is setup with the right passwords.


          3) check your project properties (right click on your project, select properties), and here make sure your project is referencing the server.  From there you should be able to switch from the Source|Firefox|IE tabs (that's what I have on Windows), and something should show up.  Also, when you run the .cfm file in an external browser.


          4) Step 1, however, should be verifyable OUTSIDE of CF Builder, with a path something like:


               http://localhost:8500/project-directory-name/example.cfm file


          Also of course make sure that http://localhost:8500/CFIDE does something.   That should tie it altogether, since when you do a launch/run from CF Builder, you can compare the address it puts in your browser, with the aforementioned addresses.


          Let us know what was wrong, so others can use your post.

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            tharring Level 1

            Your information was very helpful. I could do all the things you stated I should try but still couldn't see cfm pages in my browser or my datasources in the RDS area. I gave up and bought the software and worked my way through some other instructions and videos and am now on my way. I needed to download the update to ColdFusion 9 and the update to ColdFusion Builder; then I needed to open a window for the RDS Dataview, which let me see my datasources and tables. The RDS Fileview was of no help at all. Anyway, I'm glad I bought this software and am looking forward to being more productive using cfcs and orms. Thanks again for your help!


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              Kiran Sakhare

              Hi tharring


              Can you please check that your able to open the same CFM page using safari browser (Not the one inside CFB).



              Kiran Sakhare


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                tharring Level 1

                Yes, I can open the page in Safari and Firefox outside of CFB and inside of

                it. So things are working fine now. This is howI did it:;

                http://localhost:8500/MyProject/index.cfm. Thanks very much.


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                  One_Life Level 1

                  Tedra, you're very welcome.   I imagine too you've seen that Adobe recently released a public beta for CFB 2.  (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/coldfusionbuilder2/).   I very recently purchased CFB 1, but very much want code formatting, and so probably will return it in the 30 day return policy and use CFB 2, assuming it is stable enough in its beta release.   I think this may be the second beta release for CFB 2, so hopefully it is pretty stable.




                  P.S.  You may enjoy some of the Lynda.com training videos if you haven't watched them already as one training source.   One can buy a $25 (or $35, if want excercise files with it) one month "movie ticket".  i.e. After joining one can immediately cancel, getting a one month "movie pass" to watch training videos as desired.  Adobe of course also has lots of great training material as well.

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                    tharring Level 1

                    Great advice on using lynda.com for training. I've used that site before and

                    found it very helpful. I'll also look into returning CFB1 or upgrade to

                    CFB2. Thanks for the info on that.




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                      SidianConsulting Level 1

                      I second lynda.com.  I signed up for the monthly plan (w/code files) a few weeks back.  The first video I watched was ColdFusion Builder Essential Training by Dan Short.  He does a really good job, I highly recommend that video.