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    PE7 Cross Dissolve


      For some reason its just not working , or maybe its my

      brain. When I try to use a cross dissolve and set it to center at cu

      t, the clips fade into each other but the motion

      doesn't stop/start until right at the cut


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, my first thought would be that you are attempting to use a Cross-dissolve with a Clip, or two Clips,without adequate Handles.


          Did you set In & Out Points on your Clips, and when/if you did, did you allow enough extra Frames for the Cross-dissolves?


          This article will give you background on Handles.


          Good luck, and let us know about those Handles.




          PS - if you look closely at the Tail of the first Clip and the Head of the next, are there little triangles at the boundries (last Frame, and first Frame), at the top of those Clips on the Timeline?

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            balanr Level 1

            Thanks. I did have an extra

            24 frames in each clip for 0.5sec overlap at each end(

            24fps) and it worked after I adjusted the

            arrows on each clip(in/out points?) I just n

            ever had to do that before, is there a setting or something for that?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              There is not a setting to create, or check Handles. Some NLE (Non LInear Editor) programs, seem to "create" Handles, but what they do is just adjust the In & Out Points, and do not call attention to that operation. That has fooled many into thinking that their old program magically created Handles.


              Now, when one has insufficient Handles, most often PrE (and PrPro) will throw a message, telling the user that there are not enough Frames for Handles, and that still Frames at the Tail, or Head of the Clips will be repeated, to accommodate the Transitions. That almost never looks good.


              What can also happen is that if one has several "scenes" in a Ciip, and they are contiguous, the user will assume that they have adequate Handles, as they have set In & Out Points for the Instance of the Clip on the Timeline, but then a Frame, or two, from the next "scene," will magically appear, right as the Transition is moving to the next Clip. When first observed, the users often refer to these as "phantom Frames," from other scenes. In a way, they are, but they only appear, because an Out Point, or In Point was not set to allow for enough Handles.


              With the "triangles," that indicates that there are no more Frames to that Clip. When one has set the In & Out Points, there might be Frames, but often not the Frames that the user anticipates.


              Handles are a bit of an abstract concept, unless one did cine, or video editing with programs, or machines, where the only way to do Cross-dissolves was with A-B Roll editing. Since I grew up with film, this was something that was a second nature to me. For folk, who came to video editing with single Track, non linear editing, it's not quite so easy. Still, once one gets their head around Handles, they will never forget.


              Good luck,