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    the ebook DRM lawCopy. How to read your book?


      I purchased some ebooks. I got a copy of Adobe Digital Editions to download ebooks as instructed.

      Nobody said that ADE can only be sync with Sony reader and therefore I can't have my newly purchased ebooks on my iPad to read them.

      I feel I have the rights over my duly paid ebooks.

      Everybody care about editors rights and introduced DRM but who cares about readers rights?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          It's not just the Sony Readers.  The full list is here: http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices


          But for reading on the iPad, my favorite is Bluefire Reader.

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            Easy on the legal stuff.  This isn't about your 'rights' - it's about

            technology and software.  First, you have to understand the way that stuff

            works, and then you can make it work for you.  You're not there yet.


            You should not assume that your iPad will work with everything out there.

            As Jim Lester said, you can find out what readers work with ADE from the

            link he provided.  If you didn't read the manual first and bought some

            ebooks that won't work with your iPad, then you have to figure out how to

            make the technology and software work with it before you can read the books,

            or try to return them.  It's that simple.


            If you search the ADE blog/forum for 'iPad', I think you might find out what

            others have done to resolve their situations with the iPad.  Good luck!



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              Leo5678 Level 1

              Wow,  It's that simple?  Well, that's only your point of view.

              How I see it , I have the right to decide where and how I read MY books/ebooks. I can borrow them etc.

              epublishers enforce very strict DRM controls on transferring encrypted files between machines, even down to no transfers allowed at all.

              This isn't about I read the manual before buy it or not. I paid for ebooks and I should be free to do whatever I want with them. I even have problems to download the ebooks I've purchased from seller to Bluefire because I've already downloaded them to Adobe Digital Editions but I cannot transfer those ebooks from ADE to my Pad or Bluefire ! This is not because I'm stupid but strong limitations of DRM.

              Customers will inevitably lose the ebooks they buy. I wonder how long these companies will be in business? Or even if they care.

              As somebody said:
              ...the first people to try out ebooks are noticing the limitations of DRM. And if early adopters don't like the system then it won't easily move on to become mass market.

              for ebooks there's no need to get too paranoid about copying the encrypted file direct from one machine to another, but for example, there are good reasons to be paranoid about allowing too much sampling and any printing.

              If you allow full printing, there's a chance somebody may have a PDF driver included amongst their print drivers. So anything we can print we can also turn into an unprotected PDF.


              Although digital content can be used to make information as well as creative works easily available to everyone and empower humanity, this is not in the interests of some publishers who want to steer people away from this possibility of freedom simply to maintain their relevance in world developing so fast that they cant keep up.

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                So it is.  Just remember that you have both hardware and software

                limitations, and technology can be very specific in demanding how you use

                it.  Just getting things out of sequence can cause you significant grief and

                time.  And from what you've said, you have done just that and now face the

                problems you have in transferring your purchased books.  Yes it is about

                reading the manual, because you have to know how this works and what the

                process is.  Those "strict DRM controls" are there because of the Digital

                Millenium Copyright Act, and I get the sense from your message that you

                don't care.  No, you don't have the right to do 'anything I want' with the



                Open ADE in Library view.  When your books are displayed, click on the

                drop-down arrow in the upper left hand corner of the book's avatar.  Then

                click on the Item Info line, and ADE will display the rights assigned to the

                book, along with other information about where it is on your computer, etc.

                My guess is that you can't make copies because the publisher said so (and

                they are within their rights to specify that).  You won't be happy, but

                you're stuck with it now, and that won't make you happy either.  There may

                be work-arounds, and I can't speak to your technology specifically, so

                someone else might have one.  Sorry!



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                  Leo5678 Level 1

                  Looks like you are happy with this but I cannot believe you are really happy with such situation or if you're a masochist or a person who surrenders to the abuse of people who believe themselves powerful.

                  I have been cheated once and may I will not obtain to be reimbursed but they lost this customer and I think and I hope they lose all those customers who are not happy with their behavior.I will spend my energy for this.

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                    Personal attacks are not supposed to be allowed on this forum.  Please

                    confine yourself to comments about what problems you have with the software.



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                      Leo5678 Level 1

                      Your previous posts were an attack on my person noy the other way around. Do not try to turn the issue. Your intervention has not been solicited, then refrain from attacking.

                      I, we do have rights over the ebooks we buy ! who can deny this fact. editors and resellers make their own rules?

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                        Sorry you feel that way.  I tried to give you an answer to your questions -

                        that's what the forum is for.  You appear to have taken the explanations

                        I've provided as an 'attack' - which it was not, nor was it intended to be.

                        If you didn't want people to attempt to give you assistance, then why did

                        you post?



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                          Leo5678 Level 1

                          If this is what you mean for "assistance", refrain for helping.

                          We better close it here.