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    Browser Back Button

      I've been googling this, looking through the forums here, and working on a solution based on o'reilly's flash hacks with a work around for firefox... but keep coming up against a brick wall. I know it's been done cross platform, and I know it probably requires a lot of code. (e.g. nike.com)

      Anyone have a pointer that I may be missing on this? I'm currently working on a solution that uses an html page with an iframe that acts as the history with a javascript changing a variable in the flash movie which listens for the change. I'm close, but I can't get it working consistently. Any thoughts?

      I know it can be done with anchors, but that only seems to work in ie. This has to work in all 3 major browsers (firefox(moz), ie, safari).

      Thanks in advance.
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          if im understanding right, you want to be able to use the back button in your flash movie, and not have it exit the page? if so, check out SWFAddress..pretty simple, i wont build a site without it anymore..
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            Urf Level 1
            That is indeed what I'm looking to do....

            I figured out my own work around for the time being.... I had everything right except for the triggering of the js in the iframe... I needed to have that happen onLoad rather than in the body of the document.... we also needed to fix the object reference for firefox....

            I'll definitely check this out because it solves some additional problems we'll be needing to fix for future sites.