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    Mercury GPU acceleration strange transparency problem

    wired.au Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I just picked up a GTX570 today, and have a strange problem.


      I have two layers. One is a white color matte, on track 1. The second layer is a 1080p video clip that has been keylighted in After Effects and exported as MOV (rgb+alpha).


      In software-only mode, everything works as it should. My keyed footage looks solid and it's all good. (it only *looks* solid - it isn't perfectly keyed so it is actually a bit translucent) But if I switch to MPE GPU Acceleration mode, my solid keyed footage becomes "dirty" translucent.


      What could be causing this? Here's a screen grab. All I did was switch between software mode and GPU mode, selecting "delete previews" both times.




      It looks like the gamma levels are all wrong when i enable GPU acceleration, or something.