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    Premiere CS5 + Windows 7 x64 + ATI Raderon 4800 Series weird issues

    Alberto Casanova


      Thanks for reading about this problem I’m having.



      A premiere CS5 menu opens as intended: fast and instantaneous, except for the file menu. It takes up to 15 seconds to open itself after I click it and while it happens premiere turns to be no responsive. Also, the menu does not always appear but Premiere return to work as intended. ALT-F works, always, but it takes the same time (3 to 15 seconds to open).



      I ask you to please check the video (it is only 1 minute): you will see that problem happening and the menu taking 3 seconds or so to open but this rarely happens (it takes more).



      You will see too that when I open the menu and then click on it again, it will open fast. But, if I open the menu then click on the sequence window and then click on the menu again, it will take some seconds to open again. Here’s the video:






      And here are my system’s specs:


      • Premiere CS5
      • Windows 7      x64
      • ATI Radeon      4800
      • 8GB Ram
      • 1 disk for      footage, 1 for editing
      • 1 system      disk
      • Intel Core      Quad Q6600 2.40Ghz



      Thanks for your time and I’m sorry for my bad English.