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    Links within my flash movie are moving for no reason on hover (AS2)!!

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      Hey everyone,



      I have got a very obscure problem that I cannot for the life of me  figure out. I have a flash movie which contains a number of pages which  contain dynamic text fields containing HTML read from my database. This  works absolutely fine, however for reasons that I cannot understand when  you hover over some of my links they move to the right so they are  inline with the edge of the first linked image at the bottom. The code  is as follows:


      <p><a href="http://www.testlink.com">A LINK</a></p>
      <p>Test text <a href="http://www.testlink.com">ANOTHER LINK</a> More text</p>
      <p><a href="http://www.spotlight.com" target="_blank"><img alt="Click to view my Spotlight CV" src="http://www.spotlight.com/img/static/weblinks/SpotlightPresenter_White.gif" title="Click to view my Spotlight CV" /></a></p>
      <p><a href="http://www.twitter.com" target="_blank"><img alt="Follow on Twitter" src="http://twitter-badges.s3.amazonaws.com/follow_me-b.png" /></a></p>


      With this code when you over over the 2nd link (ANOTHER LINK) this  entire line (including the non link text) moves to the right edge of the  spotlight image (but keeps the same vertical position). When you hover  over the first link (A LINK) nothing moves at all. If i remove the  images at the bottom then there are no problems and nothing moves if you  hover over ANOTHER LINK. If I delete the first link (A LINK) but leave  the images then similarly there are no problems and nothing moves if you  hover over ANOTHER LINK. To make it even wierder I have an associated  CSS file with general link styles within it (and nothing else and no  other associated stylesheets):


      a:link{text-decoration: none;}
      a:active{text-decoration: none;}
      a:visited{text-decoration: none;}
      a:hover{text-decoration: underline;}


      If i remove the hover line completely from this stylesheet (and leave  html code above as it is) then the movement problems also stop  completely (but unfortunately so does the underlining of the link text).  Similarly if I add a 1px by 1px image above the first image wrapped in  an href tag then it doesn't move (as i guess it's moving to the edge of  this which is the same place it's already in), however if i just include  the 1px by 1px image with no link then it reverts to moving right to  the edge of the first linked image.



      I am at a complete loss as I can't find any consistencies (i've tried  various different layouts with multiple links/images and it happens on  some links and not others). I would be so incredibly grateful for any  advise anyone can give as to anything I can try/test as I really have no  idea what to do as it is so completely random!



      Thanks so much for your help everyone, i am completely stumped!




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          Hi Dave,

          not actually "seeing" your problem makes it a little hard to really understand it, and I cannot really offer good advice, only my experince with html text-field in flash and the support of css they offer - which is not too goo to say the least. I gave up on something similar, as an image was jumping around when i scrolled/moved the clip the textfield was contained in.

          If it is possible, the best solution might be to parse the html and display the images in separate containers.



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            deshggg Level 1

            Thanks so much for getting back to me, sadly i am learning quite how  bad css support within flash is, not only does it not support very few  options but the ones it does support don't seem to work properly which  is infuriating for something as advanced as flash. Unfortunately I  cannot display the images in separate containers, the whole point of the  system i'm building is that you can use text editors to add/change text  on a page (and add links/images etc) as relevant. I can deal with not  being able to have any complicated layouts (well i now accept this is  never gonna happen at least!) however I really need to be able to allow  images to be put in the textfield without it screwing up anything that  has css applied to it. If i remove the external stylesheet then these  problems are solved, so i'm wondering if there's a different way of  changing the link hover effect other than an external stylesheet. All I need to do is make a normal link not underlined and underline it on hover in some other way, then i can do away with the stylesheet completely. If  you (or anyone else) knows a way of doing this then i would be  immensely grateful.


            Thanks so much for your help, this is driving me nuts!