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    Preformance problems with HTML content-- any Adobe/WebKit Engineers in the house?

    zeroskillz Level 3


      I'm running into some problems with HTML content within what is essentially an Air Browser. Specifically, the Air browser seems to hit the wall with memory long before any major browser does. Specifically when running jQuery animations on pages that have large divs with css3 rendered drop shadows.


      I run the page in chrome or FF andthe animations run like butter off a hogs *** in august, but when I run them in the Air browser, the frame rate is somwere around 2fps.


      I removed one of the CSS3 rendered drop shadows--which was on a div sized to roughly 1200px by 800px, and the Air browser returned to acceptable animation framerates.


      I recreated the same effect using CSS border images to give the element very similar drop shadow, andit still ran acceptably.


      So I do have a workaround, however:


      Is there any way to up the memory or something to accomodate such things?


      Within the Air browser, what CSS bits cause big trouble with memory?

      Here are some possibilities that I'm curious about:



      Drop Shadows

      Problem when big

      Gradient Backgrounds



      Possibly ok
      RGBA colors (with alpha less than 1)Possibly ok

      Border Radius

      Seems fine


      Any insight is greatly appreciated.