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    Flex Calendar




      I have created a flex app for use by the employees of our company. There are 60 employees and we are all shift workers with various rotations of work days. In the application, an employees logs in and a datagrid appears. Inside the datagrid is a cell for each day of the year and this is populated through actionscript with the employees work schedule for the year. A rotation is placed in the database of 6 days on and 4 days off, for example, and this is displayed in the datagrid based on the start date of the rotation. So if a employees starts their cycle on January 1, the dates January 1-6 will show "WORKING" in the datagrid, then January 7-10 will be blank (days off), then January 11-16 will show "WORKING" and so on.


      What I want to try in to produce an annual calendar view, similar to any paper wall calendar. It will appear with the 12 months arranged in a grid type fashion. For each day that is a "WORKING" day, I want to highlight it somehow (color, for example). This way, an employee can look at this calendar view and quickly see that he is working on December 25th without having to scroll all the way through a datagrid.


      I hope I explained that succintly!


      Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Since the actionscript already can produce the days of work and rest, it is just a matter of displaying the working days in a grid type calendar rather than a list based datagrid. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to do it.


      Thanks for any help!

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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          That is a lot of work and isn't really something that can be answered in a forum sound bite.  I would look into ILOG

          Elixir by IBM and check out there calendar offerings.  Instead of taking weeks and weeks to reproduce less functionality, you can get Elixir and have something up and running in days.

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            JeffryHouser Level 4

            The Flextras Calendar is another commercial Calendar Component, We do not have a year view, but it shouldn't be too hard to chain a bunch of Calendar instances together to create one.  Contact us privately if you wanted to research this route and needed help.


            You could also review The Flex Show screencast series on creating Flex Components.  The component we create is a Calendar; and the series teaches you how to create a month view which you could easily chain together to create a year view.  Start with Episode 1 .  There is also an extended series available for purchase which includes extra epiosdes that focus on the Flex 4 Spark component architecture.

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              UbuntuPenguin Level 4

              I was wondering ,how long do you think it would take an average Flex dev to make a Calendar component similar to ILOG Elixir ?

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                willise414 Level 1

                This is essentially what I am looking to do:




                As you can see, each day of rest is shaded and each woking day is not shaded. I have written an AS3 script that reproduces this data in a datagrid. It will show November 4-7 as blank (for days off) and November 8-12 as "WORKING".


                I want to take the datagrid and put it into a format similar to the one above.


                Thanks again!!

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                  JeffryHouser Level 4

                  Building the Flextras Calendar took 11 months; and it was my primary project during that time.  I'm told we're pretty close to the iLog Calendar conceptually, but it isn't the same.  Our focus was not on duplicating Outlook / Google Calendar.  It was on providing an extensible base where developers could build anything.  Every 'visual' piece of our Calendar has a renderer associated with it, which gives the developer complete control.


                  Generally, I assume a developer, with a single use case could build a knock off in 1/4 of the time.  It wouldn't be as extensible or documented as ours is; but if it's for a single uise / specific app it would work fine and be taylored to their specific needs.


                  It sounds like the the original poster doesn't need all the functionality of the Flextras Calendar or the iLog Calendar.  He just needs a month view that displays 12 months and highlights the color of specific days.  I bet something could be created in <2 weeks easy.  I could probably create a mockup using the Flextras Calendar in a couple of hours.  I already have a prototype where three Calendars act like a single unit; creating one where 12 act as a single unit won't be much different.

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                    JeffryHouser Level 4

                    Drop me a line privately with a sample of your dataProvider / data provider objects and I'll put together a prototype for you w/ the Flextras Calendar.

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                      You should have a look to our Calendar component : we do have YEAR View and you can choose the color of each day thanks to the dayColorFunction. You will find all the details here : http://www.flex-component.com/flex-components/flex-calendar

                      You can see a live demo and download a demo version to try it. Let me know if you need support to try it.

                      Here is an example of what we can do with live demo but you can customize it with demo version of the component.

                      Capture_03 Mar. 04 17.44.jpg

                      The component is FLASH4 compliant and provides many other functions.

                      Let me know,

                      best regards,

                      Patrick from Flex-Component.com

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                        JeffryHouser Level 4

                        I threw together a sample based on your screenshot.  It is here  .  And the source code. .


                        To run it locally, you'll need to download the developer edition of the Flextras Calendar.  Register here.


                        Contact us if you have any questions.