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    Dynamic Website Tutorial Help(Display Records)

    lol cool j

      First off I'd like to say I'm sorry If I'm posting a thread that has been done to death, I am new to your community.


      I am using dreamweaver cs5 and xampp 2.5.8


      Here's my problem.

      I am fallowing the "Building your first dynamic website – Part 2: Developing the back end"

      and I'm at the "Display and page through a list of records".

      I get to "figure5"





      That's when I run into problems


      I click on test in record set in dreamweaver cs5 and I'm supposed to get a screen like this




      Instead I get the words "no data" where records 1-15 should be.


      Those records show up on local database ( would i call http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and its contents my local database? )


      when i go to my database all the files appear, but in dreamweaver cs5 the files do not appear in the SQL statement.


      My guess is that MSQL Connection isn't working. Even though I'm logged into my database, xampp is running, and the MSQL connection test confirmed that the connection was ok. Although when I tried to save the connection i got an error message saying the connection with the same name was already made (check_mag), so i deleted the old file and did the step over, then i was able to test the site ok again, and this time save the file.


      Now back to my current issue, I get no data in my sql statement"


      Also is did check_mag.php come with the tutorial, because if it didn't, and i deleted it, then replaced it, that might be the probelm?

      I'm gonna try doing the second page over