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    Naming during Tethering - Interaction with Scanner




      I want to achieve the following and would need a hint in which direction to run..


      My goal is:


      I have a barcode scanner and products with tags on which are barcodes. I want to take pictures of the products - and the pictures should be named after the barcode. I have a scanner with which I can scan the barcodes and the scanner returns a plain text like 34573637262. So images should be named 34573637262-001, 34573637262-002 and so on..


      So with the built in functionality in LR I can do the following:


      1. Start tethering

      2. Click in the PhotoSession Field, click the Barcode Scanner Button - Field is filled.

      3. Take 3-5 pictures- Pictures are named for this barcode.

      4. Stop tethering

      5. Go back to Step 1.


      Ok, now I want to eliminate the step that I have to stop tethering.


      If I would know where lightroom stores the PhotoSession Variable Input, I could write(get written) a piece of software that gets the barcode from the scanner and writes it to the PhotoSession field. So each time I scan the barcode the Name of the Files changes to the new Barcode and I don't have to stop tethering.


      I hope the problem is clear(I am not a native speaker :-) )


      Any solution or hint would be greatly appreciated.


      Or is it possible with the LR SDK to write a variation of the tethering modul, that it works together for naming with the Barcode Scanner. If yes, I probably have a job for somebody...



      Thanks a lot


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          How about just using the camera's own tools, which writes the files to some directory and then using a separate tool to rename the files?


          Lightroom has auto import feature, which I've used with tethered shooting before.  You could have your own script to move properly renamed files to autoimport directory.


          I don't think there's any tethering support in the currently published SDK 3.0 docs.