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    Output module failed 1610153464


      I am running CS5 on a Mac 10.6.6. I have both QTX and QT 7.6.6 installed

      Every time I render, it gives the following error message:


      An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted. (-1610153464)


      I've tested the files on a different machine and they open and render out fine.

      I'm having these issues and I don't have any plugins installed.


      Re-Installed everything multiple times, trashed preferences, removed plugins from the Application support and still no luck.

      The only thing that works for me is outputting to a PNG or JPEG sequence.


      If I try to render using the Animation preset, It gives the error message.

      I also have been getting a weird "MooV" error message when I try to import certain types of quicktime files. Not all just a few random ones.


      All of this leads me to believe it is a Quicktime issue.


      Please can you help. Other than doing a complete clean operating install, which i am doubting will work.


      Robin Souter

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Indeed this is a QT exit code and your other stuff also indicates a massive problem on this end. You could try a forced QT install using Pacifist, which is able to bypass your system's dependencies. Otehr than that you might wanna look it your QT components in your Library and see if there is possibly a "bad" one there...



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            robinsouter12 Level 1

            Thanks for your advice. Couple of quick questions.

            How can you get access to remove QT components. They are all locked?

            A forced QT install, could you advice on what I could install or not install?

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              stephenh44161733 Level 1


              I get exactly the same message when rendering to any type of Quicktime as of today. Yesterday quicktime rendered fine and nothing has changed on my machine between last night and this morning.

              I'm using macbook pro, win 7, quicktime 7.6.9 after effects cs5 v10.0.2, no plugins.

              I've tried uninstalling, re-installing.


              Deleting the preferences file fixed the problem for 1 render.

              Since then nothing will fix it.

              It seems quicktime and after effects cs5 dont get along too well. I think its because quicktime is 32 bit and afx cs5 64bit.


              Shame after effects isn't backwards compatible. dont suppose anyone knows a way of taking cs5 projects back to cs4?




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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                Can you create QuickTime movies using Adobe Media Encoder?


                I ask this both because it's a useful thing to know for diagnosing the problem and because it can give you a way to create your output.

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                  stephenh44161733 Level 1

                  hey todd,

                  good thinking, I was just trying the very same thing. alas when I try to open my AE project in Media Encoder I get the message

                  "Could not connect to Adobe After Effects. Please verify that Adobe After Effects and Adobe Dynamic Link components are installed."

                  I'm scratching my head, this also worked yesterday.


                  Could it be anything to do with de-activation? I have cs5 installed on my workstation in my studio.

                  I also have it installed on my laptop at home. do I need to contact Adobe each time I want to use 1 machine or the other?


                  Also ever since installing cs5 on my laptop I get the following message each time I launch After Effects (dont know if its connected as I normally just click ok and use AE as normal)

                  "Runtime Error! This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

                  Please contact the application's support team for more information"


                  or maybe I didn't run the adobe uninstaller cleaner utility to get rid of traces of old versions, before installing cs5 to my laptop




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                    robinsouter12 Level 1

                    Hi i unfortunatley never found out what the problems was. Its had all the same issues that everyone including yourself refer to. I fixed the issue by re installing a brand new Operation Software and applications. It did the trick. I know very annoying.

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                      I just purchased AE CS5 yesterday and have exactly the same problem - however, on my MacBook the error doesn't occur.

                      Has there been any solution for this issue? Re-Installing a new OS and all the applications is simply not a very simple

                      and fast task... ;-)


                      Looking forward to any hints, news, solutions....



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                        TeeCeeGee Level 1

                        me again... :-)


                        So far, I didn't find a solution - yet, when rendering the compositioin via Adobe Media Encoder, everything works fine. So, I assume it's related to the interaction between AE and QT - nevertheless it would be great if somebody could give me an answer on how to resolve this problem.



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                          Hi Tom I never manage to find a solution to this. As mentioned i had to re install my whole operating system. I do believe it has something to do with QT but cant elaborate any more. I really sorry i know how frustrating it is. I may have also just be a corruption somewhere on my system software.

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                            TeeCeeGee Level 1

                            Hi Robin,

                            thanks for your reply...although it's bad news :-) Well, I hope Adobe can link in and give a solution, but so far I haven't heared from them yet...

                            Ok then, I think I have to google about how to set up a new system without re-installing all applications - or accept the fact, that I have to render my animations with Adobe Media Encoder... :-(

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                              I am also now part of the -1610153464 nightmare. Everything worked great until yesterday. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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                                Felix Van der Hallen

                                I'm having the same issue,

                                An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted. (-1610153464)


                                And its only related to after effects , because if i render the composition in media encoder it works without trouble, but I'm wasting time because it renders way more slow than after effects itself...


                                I've uninstalled quicktime and reinstalled it without succes... I'm on a pc 6core win7 24gb ram...


                                Please Adobe, this problem is here for waaay to long... I'm getting really tired of it...