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    Mouse Over problem


      Hey guys please take a look at http://s125410096.onlinehome.us/flash/tracks.html


      When you hover over the yellow circles, a corresponding text will appear. The issue I am having is that if you hover on certain locations on the map, the text will also appear, even though I did not hover over the yellow circle.


      Here's how I have created the animation: I transformed the yellow circles into Buttons. When you double click on the buttons, in the Timeline it shows: Up, Over, Down, Hit. At "Over" I added the text. Am I doing something wrong?




      I am using flash CS5 and ActionScript 3.0.
      You can download the source file here: http://s125410096.onlinehome.us/flash/tracks.zip


      Thank you very much for your help.

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Your text balloons are part of the hit area of your button. Have you put a drawing in the hit frame? It gets a little confusing because those are all overlapped, but it is clear that the contents of the over frame is defining the hit area.