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    Syncing audio and video


      I create some videos where I record the video and the audio comes from a different system stright from multiple microphones.  So I end up pitching the original audio from the camera and syncing up an MP3 file that came from this disparate audio system.  Syncing is tough...


      Is there a way to move the audio or the video in a timeline in a minute increment much like you can move pictures in Adobe Photoshop using CTRL arrow buttons?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          First, I would choose PCM/WAV for that secondary Audio, and not MP3. See this ARTICLE. MPEG Audio encoding can introduce dynamic OOS (drifting over time), and I like to avoid that. Also, if you can by-pass the MP3 encoding, your Audio will be much better. Personally, I hate the sound of MP3 encoding.


          Second, this ARTICLE will offer tips on syncing, and especially turning Snap OFF (the S key is a toggle = ON/OFF).


          Now, PrE only offers SMPT TimeCode (00;00;00;00), so editing will be relegated to the Frame level, and that means at increments of 1/25th, or 1/30th of a second. PrPro allows for either SMPT, or Audio Units, so that one can nudge Audio to a Sample Rate increment, i.e. 1/48,000th of a sec. Still, the 1/25 or 1/30 is accurate enough for all but the most descriminating ear/eye, as humans cannot normally pick up that fine an increment.


          Also note that Audio recorders and cameras, often do not work at the perfect sync. They should, but they just do not. I won't beat a dead horse, but with current crystal controls, it should be very easy to get the two machines to sync perfectly. Many have found that their Audio recorders are off from their cameras by just a bit. This is seldom noticed with short Clips, but with longer ones, they have to alter the speed of the Audio by say +100.5%, but with Maintain Pitch checked. Not sure if PrE offers such adjustment, but PrPro, Audition and Soundbooth do.Just do not know about PrE. Now, if your testing shows something like the +100.5% (I'm using a specific example from Jim Simon's Zoom Recorder and his Panasonic cameras), that should be a constant, so that everything from your recorder should need the same exact tweak.


          Good luck,



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            davelalande Level 1

            The video is from a radio program and I do the video portion and the radio station provides the MP3 from a their audio system.  I can't get any other format.  These are ~8 minute videos and I haven't seen any drifting when I do get a good sync of the two.


            I always turn snap off before trying to sync.


            I don't own PrPro, I have Elements.  I work for a not-for-profit so I don't think I can get a copy of Premiere's big brother budgeted.  If I can use the keys to move one of the elements in a minute fashion, I would try to make the case for the upgrade.


            At the end of the day I do end up with a useable video and audio sync, but it's through the Hail Mary method and sometimes happens immediately and sometimes it takes all day through moving the video back and forth with my mouse until I hit it near perfectly.


            Is there a way to move either the seperate audio OR video track in the timeline in a minute fashion via keystrokes?


            Thanks for your comments, Bill.  I appreciate the advice.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I certainly understand the cost difference between PrE & PrPro. Though somewhat similar, the price differential is great!


              As for the "nudging," if you have an Audio Clip, that is not linked (not muxed with Video), just Select it, hold down the Alt key, and use the arrow cursor keys to move 1 Frame at a time.


              If the Audio IS linked, you can Unlink, or Alt+click on it, to do a temp Unlinking.


              In your case, with a separate Audio stream, Linking/Unlinking should not play into things, so just the simple Alt+arrow cursor keys, should do what you want, though at the Video Frame level. Notice that there will be a + Frames/ - Frames in the Clip's Name area. That shows how far you have nudged.


              Do be careful if you have other Audio Clips on that Track, and if they butt up to the Clip that you want to nudge. If you have more Audio Clips on that Track, you might find it better to have each on a unique Audio Track, or perhaps not. This will depend entirely on what you are doing, and what you want to happen. Just something to think about.


              Hope that helps,