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    Problem with Quiz Manager - Slide Advancement on Review Question

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      I am using Powerpoint 2007 with Adobe Presenter 7.0 and i am building a review quiz in my slide presentation.  I have a multiple choice review question in my quiz that has individual unique feedback for each answer, right and wrong.  Currently the published presenation moves on to the next slide after the user answers the question whether they got it right or wrong.  I need the presentation to NOT move on until the user gets it right.


      I have been doing this for several years and I believe i have all the settings right because it has always worked in the past.

      My Quiz settings are as follows 

      Pass required

      Infinite attempts

      Question settings:

      INfinite attempts


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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          sumishra Level 1

          Hi garagoski,


          Please use the following suggested setting so as to make it mandatory for the users to answer the question correctly to move to the next slide.


          1. Go to Adobe Presenter -> Quiz -> Manage. The Quiz Manager dialog appears.
          2. Select the Multiple Choice question for which you want to impose the "NOT move on until the user gets it right" condition.
          3. Click on Edit. The Multiple Choice Question dialog appears.
          4. Go to Options Tab.
          5. Check the "Infinite attempts" option and also check the "Show retry message" option as shown below.


          6. Now republish the content.


          We hope this resolves the issue.


          If you are still facing the problem then please do let us know with the exact steps and if possible please share the project file which causes this issue.


          Adobe Captivate and Preseneter Team