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    Why is the cursor jumping down to a different field?


      I am working in Acrobat Pro 9. I actually have two slightly different senerios.

      First: I have two Textbox fields in my document that are named the same so that the second will auto-fill when the first is filled in. They are set to mm/dd/yyyy.

      When the first is filled out without using the /'s, an error appears that the user did not use the proper format. When I click the button on the error window, my cursor is sent to the second textbox instead of remaining in the first.

      Secondly: This is a similar problem.....Again I have two textboxes that have the same name...for the same reason. I have javascript attached to the first that will display an error if it is left blank and then uses a setFocus() to place the cursor back into the textbox. When the first textbox is left blank and triggers the error, the cursor is then forced to the second textbox of the same name.

      Does anyone know what I need to do in order to have the cursor remain in the first textbox?


      Thank you for any help that you can give.