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    bad performance / AIR with Database


      Hi everybody,


      i have a problem and after a lot of days working on it i would like to ask for your help.


      I have an AIR-Project, that does what it schould, but is getting verry slow.


      In this Project I am using a local SQL Database and my first thought was, that the use of many connections to the Database causes the problem. So I "cut" all the connections, same result - slow performance..


      Then somebody told be it might be because I am using so many variables and that it might be that there is too much stuff in the "GarbageCollector". I have no idea how to "clean" the GarbageCollector. But becaus I let checked the "Task Manager" how the performance of my Computer is while the Project is running, and it says that I use only 30% of my memory (hope this is the right word - maybe RAM) think the "GarbageCollector"-Reason might not be "the one".


      Then I cut the last part of my movie out (that part that runs very slowly) and let it run without all the stuff before - that worked very well, even when I opened the Database connection again.


      So i put, piece by piece back in front of the last part - and - you guess - it gets slower and slower again... There is not a certain point where the performance gets down a lot - its more step - by - step.

      That sounds like a lot of Garbage is buil up , step by step, somwhere in the background making the Project slow without using too much of my memory...


      I am realy lost and realy need help. I am NOT an everyday programmer, and not a native-english-speaking, so please keep your answer as simple as possible... :-)


      All my best wishes and 10000 Thanks