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    Auto-update glossary terms with inline expanding text

      Is there an efficient way to have RoboHelp X5 automatically update glossary terms used throughout my project without running the Glossary Hotspot Wizard? Don't even get me started on the bugs in the GHW tool. For one thing, it reads the TrueCode (which scrambles the order of your expanding content) rather than the final layout, so the "first" occurrence of a given term may not actually be first. Also, you have to remember to manually re-run it anytime your topic or glossary changes. Finally, it doesn't give you adequate control over how variant hotspots are tied to your glossary terms. At any rate, it's not a viable option for me, unless there's a big feature I'm missing.

      What I'd really like in RoboHelp is available in another product. Innovasys HelpStudio allows you to "tag" keywords used within each topic with the $$ delimiter (i.e., $$window$$), which are read and synchronized with the current glossary content each time you build your project. That way, your inline definitions always updated glossary content. If you have a variant, then you can easily indicate the glossary term to which it should match using the : operator (i.e., $$dialog box:window$$). If there's no corresponding glossary term at build time, then the delimiters, etc., are hidden in the output, so you can proactively tag any terms that may eventually have a matching glossary term without any worries.

      The problem is that HelpStudio only allows you to create pop-ups this way; I really prefer the inline definitions used by RoboHelp, because users can print them. However, I'm at my wits end with RoboHelp trying to run a find and replace every time my glossary changes (especially since line breaks in the TrueCode completely foobar the Multi-file Find and Replace tool), and I can't tag inline hotspots until the glossary term exists.

      Any suggestions (preferably not involving some freaking crazy hack )? Is this feature improved in RH6? Thanks!

      - Greg