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    bubble mouseevent triggered from inside the customcomponent with reference to the parent group?

    carrera php


      I have created custom component based on the spark list with the skin made of few spark rect and bitmapImage inside a group and the scroller along with datagroup on top of the inner rect.


      This custom component requires to be drag and moved and thus i tried initialising the dragmanager on the group containing the custom component. However, this overriden the default list scroll and item select events.

      As a work around custom mouseEvents were bubbled from the mouse events on group containing the rects. Now that, everything works fine except that the coordinates considered for dragging are within the customcomponent and not with reference to the group containing the custom component.

      I need help or suggestion on how to make the mouse event bubble with reference to group containing the custom component so that the component can be moved to any corner of the group.


      Carrera PHP