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    Help the noob!




      Please try and help me out.


      I need to build a p2p video/audio chat that alouds 2 or more user to be connected at the same time.

      I only have programing experience with php and c++.


      Plese tell me if this is doable with cirrus and what languages do I need to learn to do it.


      Is cirrus usable with only action script?


      please give me the resurces to learn about this, I am very confused.

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          I think Cirrus provides the framework for multi user connections but you will have to figure out how to do this by yourself. Also, yes. Cirrus is only usable in Actionscript since it is a Flash-based product.


          Does that help?

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            The Aryeh

            Hey tepesvoda,


            Although I'm relatively new to it myself, I think I can lend some insight into the use of Cirrus.  Cirrus does only work with Flash, though there is a number of ways you can begin coding for it.  You can use Flash Professional, Flashbuilder (which uses Flex), or something like notepad (which would also be in Flex).  All of these are based on Actionscript, and you'd be using Actionscript 3 (thought I've seen posts with someone trying to solve a problem for Cirrus as it applies to AS2), to be more precise.  Although its fairly easy to get into, especially with your background, you'll have to do some referencing to get a good idea of the different classes and whatnot. 


            In terms of having multiple peers connected to the same application, that appears to be certainly possible.  Heres an article you may want to read through, as it highlights the glory of the group functionality as well as multicast: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashmediaserver/articles/p2p_rtmfp_groups.html


            Hopefully this helps you out.



            The Aryeh