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    Help understanding 50mpbs HD workflow?


      Am I approaching this correctly? I'm moving to a camera that records on memory stick, so I'm planning to:


      1) transfer files from stick to mirrored HDD to prevent loss due to a single crashed disc

      2) also transfer a single copy of the video (transposing into Cineform codec for ease of editing) onto two more HDDs that are set up in a RAID 0 config  - seperate from my C: boot drive

      3) compile all the files from the finished project onto Blu-ray disc(s)? for archiving


      I've very worried about loss of video - I've had some bad experiences in the past and now keep everything on mirrored HDDs


      Not sure how I'd recover if one of the RAID 0 drives crashed. would I simply reload all the clips from the mirrored HDD back onto the repaired RAID 0 drives, and then tell premiere where to find the clips again?


      Are 2 HDDs in a RAID 0 fast enough for 50mbps multi-layer PPRO CS5 projects with lots of effects, etc?