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    Adio output check box???


      Ok, I had to search

      all over to find the part about the check boc, not sure if I just forgot about it over the last year or not, but is there a way

      to save a setting to keep that box checked? Also is there any reason why they would set it to defualt to off? I am ha

      ving to go in a check that stupid box every time I render to see how a video looks...and it is really starting to bug me.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can edit (or create new) Output Module Templates.  See the section in the Help pages labeled

          Create, manage, and edit output module templates.

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            JayRoot Level 1

            Thanks I will check that out. Ever ran into an issue of an avi rendering perfect, yet the FLV decides to export at some randomly smaller size? I am going through all the settings, and trying to search for the issue, but searching for size finds file issues more than screen size with the exported video thus far.


            Hmmm, never found a reply to my second question, or why they would have audio default set to off, but I did find that my settings changed for some unknown reason. I just went to the composition settings and reloaded what it should have been. So if anyone else runs into the same issue, try re selecting the settings and it should work for you too.