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    Menu Bar Width Issues


      Hi, everyone!


      I recently inherited a website that I did not originally create that contains a menu bar created in Fireworks.  To achieve the desired effects, I probably would have created a Spry menu (and made it a lot less complicated in terms of menu choices), so I'm not as familiar with this.


      The client wants some items added to the menu, so I was able to procure the original Fireworks files instead of just the exported ones.  (You can view the original site here.)  I realize there are some design issues in addition to the site having been done in tables, but I still want to add the desired menu items quickly before doing a site re-design.


      If you go to the link, under "Association Documents" there's a "Community Plats" section.  I have new plats to add to that section.  I added them in the appropriate place in the FW file and made sure the width was set to "auto".  When I insert it into Dreamweaver and then preview, however, that area retains its original width (Section 1, Section 2, etc.).  The new menu items are wider than the current ones, so the text bleeds out of the menu area.  Like I said, I have checked the width for the menu and it is set to auto.  Is there something else I need to do differently for the sub-menu?  I think this was done in a previous version of FW (I'm in CS4)... could that make a difference?


      I'd really appreciate any insight here.  Thanks in advance!



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