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    Exporting more than one state


      I have build several pages with mouse overs in fireworks cs5 . I have text so I do not create a slice over the text so it will export as text to dreamweaver CS5.

      I have exported as html including all states and slices and all states exported great' but the text is a .jpg. In trying to save the text as text I try to export as "CSS and .htm, and the prompt comes up "only the current state will export, hot spots and java will not export." The page exports just they way I want it to but of course only one states is exported. Is there a way to export both states so all the java and hot spots and mouse overs will l be read by dreamweaver and the text will be text? Thanks Mike

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          The short answer is no. CSS and Image export only supports 1 state and does not support any Javascript. If you want to go this route, you'll have to export out the other states separately and then build in the functionality using DW or your preferred web page editor. That's the way I would go, anyway.


          HTML and Images exports the JS and the extra states, but it also converts each page to a graphical, table-based layout. Even if you use HTML slices for the text, you will still end up with a table layout. Not an option for anything except an interactive prototype.