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    Title Conversion


      How do I convert .p

      rtlo Adobe Premioere Elmer title files to jpeg-mpeg or


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Yes, you can "convert" your Titles to either stills, Export as a Template, or if animated to an AV file. The choice of AV file will depend on where you want to use them.


          If you wish to use the Titles in other Projects as a Title, then you will want to Export as a Title Template (PRTL) file, into the Library, and maybe to a custom folder, like My_Titles.


          If you want a still Frame, in TIFF, etc., just Export/Share as a still. Not sure if JPEG is directly possible, but TIFF, or BMP are, and many image editing programs can convert to JPEG, though I would leave the file as TIFF for quality reasons. These still Frames can be Imported as a still image.


          If you have animation, you can use the WAB (Work Area Bar) to Export/Share just that Title as an AV file.


          Good luck,