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    Adobe X too many problems...see ya!


      I use Firefox on a Windows Vista 64 platform and the reader keeps black screening, especially after minimized. When I open another pdf in another window, the previous pdf black frames and freezes up. CPU usage hit's 96% while the program is not responding. PDF's in Firefox also freezes up. Worthlessly useless.



      I fought this all evening and finally unistalled Adobe X to go back to Adobe 9 (thank God I had a copy of it somewhere) which works beautifully in my book.


      I've never seen such major incompatibity issues from Adobe which is usually a pretty dependable software company. Think that they might have jumped the gun on this one? A lot of software companies everywhere have been doing this lately, publishing a badly tested product out there and fixing it later, leaving the rest of us to pound and fume till it is fixed. Sounds familiar?


      My fix? Start over.

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          I am unhappy with it too.  I haven't been experiencing too many black screens, other than adobe/firefox freezes sometimes when I try to print.  As soon as it does that, I ctrl-alt-del, but escape out before I go into Task Manager, and that seems to clear it up.  Although, if I'm printing a larger document, sometimes it will only print 1 or 2 pages and then I have to try to reprint it.  This was an issue before I upgraded however.


          I don't like that, within a website, the toolbar has disappeared while looking at a pdf.  I finally realized that, in place of the old one, there's a "floating" mini toolbar at the bottom that only appears when you move your mouse there.  I'm not sure why they did that- it's not like it saves that much screen space, but it's cosmetic I suppose.


          My big complaint right now is theability to save documents has been affected by the upgrade.  I'm doing research for a paper, and I've been saving pdf files of journal articles from the same databases all week with no issues.  Today I finally upgraded to Adobe X, and several of the new pdf's I've been bringing up aren't able to be saved.  I figured maybe it's because (even though I'm in the same databases) there's a special copyright on them.  So, I searched for an article I'd already saved earlier in the week under Adobe 9, and confirmed that it is in fact Adobe X that's giving me the issue!


          How did you "downgrade" back to Adobe 9??  :-)

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            How did you "downgrade" back to Adobe 9??  :-)


            Sorry for your troubles-


            All computers do eventually crash or develop glitches in the software- or turn out a crappy version like Reader X, so I save all downloads to another hardrive or disk for ease of access for when reinstalling them. Fortuanetly, I found that I had Reader 9 saved somewhere. I searched Adobe's downloads and I couldn't find a single trace of Reader 9 in their archives, of course I could've missed it. Maybe scouring the internet might turn up something.


            I uninstalled X and reinstalled 9. Of course, Adobe update then wants to reinstall X, but I dismissed the update and hid the Adobe update icon at the bottom of the screen.


            I'm running Vista 64 and the two programs didn't work well together. Matter of fact, since after the update was installed and uninstalled and I went back to Reader 9, Reader 9 has started to crash also- not a s bad as X did but it has it's newly found issues inherited from X- I guess.


            I have been getting a lot of 'Adobe Reader has stopped working and has to close' error messages lately.


            There are a few other readers out there that work as well if not better like Primo PDF. With Primo, I just didn't like all the advertisments one gets when they make a PDF- same with PDF995, so I use CutePDF's printer driver for making PDF's.I actually print more PDF's then I do reading them myself.


            I was hoping that Adobe would've got the message by now and correct their faux pas with an update or a better version like Reader XI, but I guess that they are content with what they put out- gag.


            Good luck. Maybe find a friend who has Reader 9 saved in their Downloads folder and move it over to a flash drive and then onto your machine??