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    Images and Flash Catalyst.

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      I have an incredibly complex and image heavy website that I am building and I want to use Catalyst to build it.  If I do the dozens of images that are involved in this build make the file size of the SWF way too big and the download would literally take an hour or so.  I want to know if it is possible to link the image files externally from the SWF so the site can download really fast and the images download when the pages they are on is called.


      I was thinking that this type of thing would require the use of Flex to access and rebuild the code linking to the image files so they could be stored elsewhere, maybe the assests folder.  If so then I can create the entire UI in Flash and have the images linked elsewhere.  I thought perhaps to build the image libraries (over forty image groups spread out over 60 pages) in Flash and link it as a seperate set of SWFs but I need to know more about how this works.


      Any insights would be great.


      Thank You,


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          A little bit of experimentation and I answered my own question.  If you ever want to shove tons of images into a Catalyst project all you really need to do is make them into SWFs first.  In my case I am putting between 6 and 12 images and animations into a scroll pane and using that for the main section of the site while all the pages (over 40 of them) are controlled via an animated spry menu.  If I were to put all the images in seperately the first group creates a SWF that is over 32mb.  By the end of it I would have a file over 120mb to download before people saw the first image.  When you use the SWF format the project uses them as assests in a seperate file and the problem goes away.


          Now we just need to get the communication with Flex to become 2-way and all will be good.


          If anyone else has a different idea about this situation please let me know, I am curious about different ways to solve this problem.




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            (Sorry for my bad english, I have a french version and do not know the terms in english)

            About pictures, to keep small the swf file, one solution is to store them in the 'assets' folder.

            To do this : open 'bibliotheque',( beside 'calcs'), right clic over the names of the pictures and select 'link ...)

            The 'assets' folder is loaded with the swf file to the server.

            You can also simplify the pictures (but loss of quality) ...

            In my site, all the big pictures and the videos are linked, the thumbs remain in swf file.


            Hope this helps.