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    Is this the right product for me?

    HowAboutThisOne? Level 1

      Hi All


      I have a few questions and would like to hear from the FB community about whether this is really the right product for me. (I hope this is the right place to post this!)


      Firstly, I have a real-time application that I'd like to build/have built. I'm familiar with AS3 and can build simple applications but by no stretch an expert.


      The easiest explanation of the application would be to compare it with real-time share trading - although it is not that, it will give some idea as to the nature of the graphic presentation requirements, user interaction and mission critical necessities.


      I would ideally like it to be cross platform/cross browser/cross mobile apps etc (will burrito do this?).


      For those who have successfully built and developed a real-world application in FB, is FB really able to do something like this? Is it the best choice? Can it cope with lots of traffic?


      I know this is fairly vague but I hope it gives enough to get some opinions.


      Also, is the developer market mature enough to be able to find real "experts"? If so, can anyone recommend a resource to find the professionals? I've some experience with so-called developers in India but it has been like pulling teeth but still open to hearing from anyone with a proven track record.


      Anyway, would appreciate all comments.