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    Single keystroke to switch between Source and Firefox views?

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      Do you know how to set up a key stroke preference) to switch between the Source view and Firefox (or IE) view?   This wasn't obvious to me, but I'm not an eclipse expert.



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          Ah, I found an answer to this.


          If you go to Windows-Preferences, and type in keys in the top box (very useful to type stuff in there to find stuff), you'll get two menu choices of keys.  Both are useful of course, however, this one is in General Keys.


          If you search on "next tab" and "previous tab", those are the ones you want to customize.  There you can set what you want.  I cleared out the binding and added a binding for alt+n and alt+m, to go backward and forward respectively.  To me the ease and speed at which I can hit keystrokes for stuff I'm doing all the time is crucial.


          A Couple Notes:


          1) you'll note these "actions" are already bound to two keys:  ctrl+tab, and ctrl+shift+tab.  Those are pretty consistent choices with Windows of course, but for me it is hard to "hit" those keys equally. If you want to see what alt+n or alt+m are bound to first, before changing their setting, go ahead enter in alt+n in the search box.  Also note that when your done defining key preferences, you may want to save them out to a file, so you can load them in easily should something happen or you switch to another CFB version, e.g. version 2.


          2) Apparently Adobe (in CFB 2 or 1) has these mapped to different keys, but it is a bit confusing to me.  I'll copy from the following blog that may be of interest to read by an Adobe employee (http://sandeepp.org/blog/), specifically he indicates:



          • Toggle between source and preview tabs
                        Press Ctrl+Page Down to navigate to next tab
                         (eg. from source to preview)
                        Press Ctrl+Page up to navigate to previous tab
                        (eg. from preview to source)


          These page through the various files I have up for viewing.  However, after hitting them a while, they started doing what he wrote here, so ???