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    Using your video processing computer for the web

    mdubuque Level 1



      I've heard it from some people I really trust and respect that one should never use your video server for ANY other purpose other than video work.   They say if you use other applications, including being on the Internet, it is guaranteed to mess things up in the long run.


      I want to do the right thing.  But I must admit, it is SO handy to be able to encounter a problem in PrPro and just go online here and ask.  


      What do others do?  Do they adhere to the dedicated video machine point of view?




      matt dubuque

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          Purists will agree with you.  What is meant is that video can be processor intensive, and if you have myriad active background tasks, it can slow the system down and interfere with disk caching etc, etc..


          So it really  depends upon your personal circumstances and scale of economies.  If your computer is in use all day, every day, on video post production, it makes sense to have a 2nd for general applications.


          Personally, I use mine for pretty much everything and I don't notice any detrimence to performance - or find things are "messing up".  I do use a laptop when the workstation is heavily involved in rendering files, but that's a convenience thing.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I've no troubles coming here while video work happens in the background.  Probably half my posts are made that way.  You'll be fine.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              What can mess things up is first of all games and second Microsoft Office. Internet is no problem. A lot of other programs do not cause problems either.


              I'll give you an example. On my video machine I have several versions of the Production Studio and Master Collection. When I need to update the PPBM benchmark, I need to access my G-mail with the submission forms. I need to download the submitted data and files with Filezilla, store them on a server and from another system import them into the Excel spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet again on the server and then from the video machine modify the results pages with some VBS scripts, edit them in Dreamweaver and upload them again to the website, including the updated charts with Filezilla. To check those pages I use IE, Chrome and FF all on my video machine and do the optimizations with Firebug and PageSpeed.


              Additionally I sometimes use TeamViewer to help others from my video machine for the simple reason it has enough screen estate with dual monitors to easily see the computer on the other side. I never have any problems with these kind of applications on the video machine.


              So, don't worry.

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                mdubuque Level 1

                Thanks Fellas, very helpful.


                No MS Office and no games.  Web is ok.


                I was afraid of cookies, which are so widespread now, disrupting my video files and workflow, but I'll defer to the experts.


                Basically I'd like to use the web for questions (like this forum) and uploads to vimeo and the like.  Looks like I'll be fine!


                I just don't want to make great big mistakes at the beginning.  I'd rather make those later, when I have a better idea how to troubleshoot them, he he.



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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  As to cookies... I have Internet Explorer set to delete all history every time I exit, so no worries on that part


                  EXCEPT... I read an article in one of the computer magazines a few weeks ago about FLASH COOKIES that are not deleted by the regular process


                  Google "flash cookie" (without the " ") and do some reading... I now have a free "flash cookies cleaner" that I downloaded and run once in awhile

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    I was afraid of cookies


                    Sound thinking.  Towards that end, use Firefox only.  Install the following plug-ins:





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                      mdubuque Level 1

                      Thanks.  Is Firefox clearly preferable to Safari?



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                        hbernhard Level 1

                        if you follow the 'expert' advices of having a dedicated video processing computer your workflow will be impacted. At least my workflow includes a lot of research and download from templates, royality free pictures, movies, etc. and I'm using Firefox and IE on a daily basis.


                        Better to invest in a solid workstation as a foundiation for a real multimedia environment, in my case a i7 930, 24 GB main memory, 5 discs with 9 TB storage, etc. under Windows 7 64 bit and I run the following main suites in parallel and all are connected  to the web without any problems:


                        * Adobe Master collection CS5 (mainly Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Dreamweaver)

                        * Cubase 6 and Wavelab 7 for music production

                        * Tons of plugins and support SW both for Adobe (Redgiant, Boris FX, ProDAD, Roxio, Juicer, etc.) and Cubase (Waves SSL, NI Komplete, Yamaha N12 mixer, Lexicon, Soundtoys, SPL,  etc.)


                        If you follow also the principle to never ever install a SW piece without checking first a trial version (1 by 1 of course...). To be protected in the worst case you should use a product like Norton Ghost for data backup and recovery --> never happened to me in my current environment for emergency perposes, i.e. in the last 6 months.