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    custom cursor 'jigsaw' puzzle


      I have a school project due in a week. I want to make a 'jigsaw' type of puzzle. I have a square design that I want as the custom cursor and it will be the only puzzle piece. I want it to be able to rotate with the right mouse button and paste the image to the stage with the left mouse button. Is this possible in Director? im having a hard time with the custom cursor.


      cursor piece.png


      Here (above) is what I want the custom cursor to be... this is what I want to rotate 90 degrees by right clicking... I want to be able to 'stamp' the image with the left mouse button, so the final puzzle would look like this...



      made with stamp3.jpg


      this was all made from an artist block carving and im trying to make a puzzle game out of it in Director.


      If anyone has a good direction they could point me in it would be much appreciated!



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          spok123 Level 1

          well that was a long night...


          I was able to figure out that instead of a custom cursor, I added a 'sprit track mouse' behavior on the the sprite I wanted as a cursor


          to make it rotate, I made a stop frame behavior at the end of the sprite, and then a "play to frame" behavior under 'on Rightmouse up', this lets me play to the next frame when I click the right mouse button... and as its playing through the next sprite(cloned from the previous) I made it rotate 90 degrees and stop. I repeated this process 3 times until it reached 360 degrees and then it loops to the beginning.


          I also added another behavior to hide the pointer cursor.


          so, I now have my rotateable puzzle piece... I just need to figure out the paint to canvas/stage with the left mouse button, im not sure if thats what its called but I saw the paintbox preset behaviors so maybe ill check those out, after i get some sleep


          Thanks to anyone whos followin me



          Project 3

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            spok123 Level 1

            so, I was able to get the cursor/sprite to rotate and paint on a canvas... I now just need to figure out how to make a frame for the overall completed puzzle. Im not sure if this involves Guides or making some sort of cell that recognizes the correct placement....


            really hope someone can help me out on finishing this... I have 3 more days until its due!


            Here is what I have so far...