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    .mpg no sound on export.  Codec?

    wyzboing Level 1

      I am so glad I have found the Premiere Elements forum as I hope I can clear up some things that have been bothering me for a while.


      I have had elements 8 for just over a year and have experimented a few times with exporting as .mpg.  I usually export to dvd with a copy of avi to my hard drive and have no problem playing either of these on any pc we have tried them on. However the same projects exported as .mpg have little or no sound when played back in Windows Media Player. I always thought this was a fault of Elements but reading some of the threads on the hints and tips forum I am coming to the conclusion that this may be a misssing codec in my WMP.  Am I on the right track here?  If so where do I find the right codec for the .mpg files exported using PE8, what am I looking for and how do I get it onto my pc.


      I am using Windows Vista with all updates.


      The problem I will have however is that I sometimes need to play these .mpg files on other machines.  The current scenario is this: I recently switched from dv tape to a Sony NEX 5 which takes full HD and the files are huge (I have been converting the files to .avi before editing though I will post my thoughts on editing HD in PrE sometime as an other thread) I have made a series of videos for teachers in my school to use as teaching resources.  A single 4 minute video as .avi is 933MB which is too big to use successfully on our groaning wireless network (transfer time wirelesslesly est. 125mins let alone many teachers trying to access the file simultaneously) so I could do with a nice small file size with some sacrifice of quality).  The .mpg comes down to 186MB but alas no sound after the first 30 secs. Even if I get the right codecs for my pc I don't know whether the file will play on all the individual laptops that the teachers are using in our school let alone what will be the case when I post the file in the area's shared school digital repository for use by other schools. The OS in school is XP.


      In the end I exported my 5 daily snippets celebrating World Book Day this week as mp3 podcasts but it seems a shame that I cannot use the video (also I have other related projects in the making)


      I started to read the information about codecs on the forum but this is all over my head and I need a simple solution if there is one (preferably one that does not involve the word codec). Possibly a different format? Even to get a small file size that plays on my own pc would be a step forward. Any ideas?


      Thanks in anticiption...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For Export/Share, we should look at the exact settings that you have chosen. The more details, the better.


          Next, the main reason for no Audio in an AV (Audio Visual) file, that the Multiplexer was not correctly set. The next reason is that the Audio portion of the Export/Share was improperly set.


          When one chooses the Export/Share format, there will usually be at least three tabs that are of great importance:


          The Video - this is where the attributes of the Video portion of the stream are set, such as the Compressor/Compression, i.e. the Video CODEC, the Bit-Rate, etc.

          The Audio - this is where the attributes of the Audio portion of the stream are set

          The Multiplexer - this is where one sets whether the Audio & Video are combined into one file (muxed), or whether they will be produced as elemental streams, i.e. a single Audio-only file and a single Video-only file, or as one combined file with both streams (Audio & Video) combined. This is the setting that is often missed, and is often set to Multiplexing = None (resulting in the two elemental streams in two discrete files). For most muxed files (combined), one would want to choose Multiplexing = DVD (or similar). Check this tab carefully, as it is commonly missed


          Now, for Audio, that has Levels too low, this is often because the Levels in the Timeline were set too low, or the Master Level was set too low. This case is different, than the problem with no Audio. If there is Audio combined into the output file, then Multiplexing was set correctly, but something is attenuating the Audio in that muxed file.


          Those are two, usually totally different problems, and are addressed in different manners. The total lack of Audio is most often a Multiplexer setting being wrong, while the low Levels usually goes back to the Timeline.


          For playback CODEC's on the machine, MS used to include all of the common CODEC's with the OS, and these were installed along with it. With about Vista, MS ceased providing the common CODEC's with certain versions of the OS. Instead, the user had to go to the MS Web site, download the Vista CODEC pack, and install that, to get the OS up to where they used to be. If one is lacking the necessary CODEC's, and especially on a Vista machine, then the MS CODEC pack has probably not been installed.


          I do not recall any version of XP not including all the common CODEC's, but perhaps there were versions of that OS too, that did not have the necessary CODEC's.


          CODEC's are installed at the system level, and are first used by the system, and any player, for playback. There are CODEC's for Audio and for Video. Next, many of those same CODEC's will be used to encode by a program, that can Export/Share AV files. Not all available CODEC's can be used for encoding, and the list will differ by the host program used to Export/Share. The third type of CODEC can be used by an NLE (Non Linear Editor) program to edit files with those particular CODEC's. This will be a smaller sub-set of installed CODEC's in most cases, and will be HIGHLY dependent on the NLE program.


          As as example, let's look at the popular DivX CODEC, used to highly compress an AV file for streaming delivery of small files. When installed (free from DivX.com), many AV player programs can use it to decode the DivX encoded files for playback. There are variations that install, that will work with particular software players. Then, many programs, including PrE, can use that CODEC to encode upon output. Last, some NLE's, but usually not PrE, can use the CODEC to edit the files, so encoded. As you can see, the sub-set of uses of the same CODEC gets smaller, as you look down the list of how it can be used: playback is pretty universal and is the main purpose for installing the CODEC, while Export/Share narrows things down a bit, as to which programs can use that CODEC, and finally editing is the smallest sub-set of uses for that same CODEC. Just having the CODEC properly installed is no guarantee that it can be used for all three purposes.


          Also, some AV software players do better jobs with certain CODEC's, and some, like VLC, GOM, MediaPlayer Classic HC, install with their own sets of CODEC's, and do not really have to rely on the system's installed CODEC's. Windows Media Player has to use the system CODEC's. QT Player uses system CODEC's too, but will also install, into the system, some other CODEC's, and the QT Pro version adds some more CODEC's, but it, like WMP, uses only installed system CODEC's - it just adds some, upon installation.


          As CODEC's are really "behind the scenes" one is not usually able to tell what the CODEC's of an AV file are. To confuse things even more, the format of the file is but a "wrapper," and many different CODEC's can be inside the same format wrapper. To tell what CODEC is inside, I recommend two great utilities, G-Spot and MediaInfo, both of which are free. G-Spot will also survey the system, and under its Tables menu in the Toolbar, will show which ones are installed in a particular system.


          Please let us know the full details of the Export/Share settings, and that will be a good place to start.


          Good luck,



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            wyzboing Level 1

            From what you said am I right in thinking that it is possible to export 2 files at the same time - 1 audio and 1 video?  As I am sure this may have happened when experimenting in the past.


            I will have  a go at playing the mpg files in xp first.   Then I will have another look at my export settings. I have to admit I have never looked too closely at the advanced settings as I don't know what all that stuff means. I have just been selecting PAL DVD widescreen (or standard screen as the case may be) A cursory look at the audio tab may indicate a problem so will look at it a bit closer.  Just when I thought I was getting to grips with PrE I realise I know nothing.  As well as export settings I probably need a lesson in project settings.  Will get back to you.  Many thanks so far.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              From what you said am I right in thinking that it is possible to export 2 files at the same time - 1 audio and 1 video?  As I am sure this may have happened when experimenting in the past.


              Yes. This produces one MPEG and one WAV (or AC3, depending on the Audio settings), in the location specified. These are elemental, or elementary streams, and are most often used, when one is using a stand-alone DVD/BD authoring program. Most authoring programs work much better with elemental streams, than with muxed files.


              However, if one wishes to play the video and audio, they WOULD want muxed files (both streams into a single AV file).


              Good luck,



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                wyzboing Level 1

                I tried one of the errant .mpg files on another machine running XP and it worked perfectly so it looks as though it may indeed be a missing codec on the Vista machine. I will try it on some school laptops running XP tomorrow.  If it works it is my problem almost solved.


                So the file runs on a n other machine but not the one it was created on.


                I will now make some effort to study project and export settings.  I have no doubt I will be asking your further advice.


                Many thanks again for your wise words.

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                  wyzboing Level 1

                  I have tried exporting another project.  Again the avi was fine but the mpg lost it's audio at exactly 30 seconds in Media Player on my Vista machine.  On the XP machine it played fine all the way through.  I have recorded the export settings as screen shots on a word doc but I'm not sure how to attach these here.  I tried to copy and paste the screen shot images but this does not work.  When I use the camera button it does not of course recognise the word doc as an image. I tried scanning the word doc to create a  jpeg but it was illegible. I tried Adobe FAQs for some instructions but cannot find any. Sorry to be so dumb but how do I do this?


                  Thanks, wyz

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    For the screen-caps, you will want to attach those as either a JPEG, or PNG.


                    This ARTICLE will give you some tips.


                    Good luck,



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                      wyzboing Level 1

                      screenshot-3.jpgHere they are (I hope)screenshot-4.jpgscreenshot-5.jpg

                      screenshot-2.jpgThanks. (Though having trouble aligning them)

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                        wyzboing Level 1

                        Hi Bill


                        I tried the mpg file on XPs Media Player my school laptop today and it did not play.  In fact I got a nice little message saying WMP did not recognise the file type and this could possiblly be because of a missing codec (no such message on my own Vista machine). So there is even a difference between different versions of XP as it played on our XP machine at home.  How fickle is that? However the preferred media player in school is Toshiba DVD player and it did play on that so at least I can now transfer my mpg files to the network and be fairly confident that they are playable.


                        So I now know that I need to consider the destination player/device when exporting.  I am not sure whether you spotted anything in the preset settings that would make any difference if changed. At least now I know a bit about the pitfalls of file types and consider my current problem to be solved.


                        Many thanks



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          The only thing that I see, though could contribute to the behavior, is that DD Audio was chosen. This will be an AC3 Encode, wrapped in the MPEG wrapper.


                          This should NOT be an issue, as DD AC3 is one of the two certified Audio streams for DVD, with PCM being the other. I would not anticipate that the DD AC3 would be an issue, but as a test, set the WAB (Work Area Bar) over a smaller portion of your Timeline, and do the Export again, but for the Audio, choose PCM instead of DD Audio. Test in the players, that are not working, and see if that fixes things.


                          That is all that I see, and really do not think that the DD AC3 would be an issue, but stranger things have happened.


                          Good luck, and maybe others will see something that I just missed.