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    PP CS5 Freezing and Crashing Win 7 PC


      I am trying to edit clips from a Panasonic TM700 in 1018/50p 5.1 audio

      PP CS5 appears to freeze the PC after running for 30 seconds of time line playback and at other times crashes the PC and shuts it down. I have had no problem with it until PP was installed. I reformatted the PC recently.

      Using PP CS5 full version (boxed) updated to 5.03


      Running Win 7 64 bit, updated; on 2560 x 1600 30inch screen and a second 1280 x 1600 screen, ATI cross fire two 4870 graphic cards, Intel Core 2 duo Quad Q9650 CPU, 4GB RAM; Disk C intel SSD, 30 GB free, Disk D 1TB seagate 813 GB free, Disk G scratch disk is Raid 0 two seagate 320 GB SATA disks at 568 GB free. Power supply 850 W



      • Initially time line would not show audio but did after I dropped the first clip to the New Item tab and this flicked it to the time line
      • Stopped antivirus and disconnected from net
      • removed PP CS5, reinstalled it all to disk C
      • Running PP CS5 without updates didnt help
      • updated video drivers
      • custom sequence using desktop and 1920 x 1080 50p square pixels 5.1 audio etc
      • cut select zoom level from fit to 50%
      • disconnected peripherals
      • stopped adobe dridge on second screen


      So far to no effect.

      Checked the event log and it says all  due to Kernel - Power issue 34 critical events


      Any thoughts please

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          As PrPro cannot use Crossfire, or SLI (nVidia), and as they can cause issues, that would be the first place that I would look.


          Good luck,



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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Do you have issues with normal HD media, or just the 1080p/50 stuff?

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              JAKE JONSON Level 1

              I agree with earlier poster about the CrossFire configuration you have going on there.  However, I would suspect your memory (RAM) first. You can do a 'memtest' but that can last hours and requires that you burn a CD bootdisk (last time I tried it at least).  Another way of testing RAM it would be to use Prime95 to stress test the PC.  You would think that rendering but not playback be the cause of something like this, though.  I am curious though, about how good the CPU cooling is and how steady/clean the current is from the power supply. 


              Common 'PC freeze' reasons are: corrupted drivers or an incompatibility between drivers or even a hard drive corruption.  A disk scan might be in order and running CC Cleaner to fix any registry errors might also be a good idea.


              Good luck.  I look forward to hearing your resolution of this issue.

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                Jamberoojim Level 1



                Well thanks for getting back to me.

                I switched off the cross fire in CCC and removed the links between the

                cards and it ran longer perhaps a couple of minutes then froze.



                I checked the event log and same thing a Kernel- Power 41 event.

                The microsoft web site interprets this as "The system has rebooted

                without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the

                system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly" it goes on:

                "Kernel power event 41 is generated under different scenarios when the

                computer is shut down or restarts unexpectedly. When Windows starts, a

                check is performed to determine whether the computer shut down normally.

                If the computer did not shut down normally, Kernel Power Event 41 is

                recorded in the System event log.


                The following are known causes of kernel power event 41.



                • A Stop error occurs and the computer restarts. When a Stop error

                      occurs, the Stop error data is included in the event data that is

                      displayed on the Details tab in Event Viewer.



                • The power button on the computer is pressed and held for four

                      seconds. When the power button is used to stop the computer, Power

                      ButtonTimestamp data displayed on the Details tab has a non-zero




                • There can also be cases when the Stop error data or Power

                      ButtonTimestamp data are not recorded before the computer stops,

                      even when these are the causes of kernel power event 41. In such

                      cases these data entries are 0 (zero)."


                These dont make sense as the PC freezes then my only way out is to hit

                the reset button, I think this generates the error message....BUT....


                Details thus:

                - 0000000043: 2011-03-06 10:06:54:698

                IDEMDeviceDFP2Settings0812.GetDFP2ITCFlag failed with status 2 Error

                Called by:


                processID:02392 threadID:( ) domainName:(CCC.exe )


                Version=3.5.4043.31942, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null)




                0000000043: 2011-03-06 10:06:54:698   

                IDEMDeviceDFP2Settings0812.GetDFP2ITCFlag failed with status 2

                  Error      Called by:


                processID:02392 threadID:(                )

                domainName:(CCC.exe                    )


                Version=3.5.4043.31942, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null)


                Anyone able to interpret this ???  It does note ATI device, perhaps the

                graphics cards are the culprit??


                I have run Memcheck in the past, OK. I use CCleaner too, scanned my

                disks OK, use Intel toolbox etc, recent reformat, yada yada....

                Will stress test the PC??

                How do I check the Power Supply, I have Power Management set to performance.


                thanks guys




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                  Jamberoojim Level 1



                  Thanks Jake


                  Have run memtest this was OK

                  Ran prime 95 and got a fatal error

                  "FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4995117188, expected less than 0.4

                  Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file."

                  This stress test file doesnt exist, so it doesnt help localise the issue


                  So I have run the ram at 1.9 v for some time as its auto setting crashed

                  the PC as the voltage is too low. This time I cut it to 1.8 V and slowed

                  it a bit....hey presto its stable so far!!


                  Wacko Wombat! as we say, perhaps its the RAM being taxed too much that

                  crashing the machine. Perhaps I will upgrade this to 8GB. Wait and see


                  thanks for your direction


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                    JAKE JONSON Level 1

                    I think you're looking at either a RAM or CPU Cooling issue.  Remember that 'passing' MEMTEST is a matter of how long you run the test and you pretty much have to run the thing for at least 24 hours to say that you have a stable system.  So, please try that.  For CPU cooling, please monitor your CPU temperature with a true-reading package such as CoreTemp.


                    Something else that could help would be a BIOS upgrade/revision, if available from your motherboard manufacturer.