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    windows 7, internet explorer 9.....no flash player


      I've tried installing about 50 times now, and nothing. I've followed the instructions to a tee...installed and ran the malwear you recommended, disabled my anti-virus, uninstalled the old version, and nothing. I have windows 7 32 bit and IIE version 9 . What am I doing wrong? This is crazy. And for a company of your size not to have support chat is shamefull.

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          This message is fr dh219 (I

          think that is his or her id.


          Hi! I am a retird Info.Tech mgr and sr. tech. The situation with this product is terrible! I have Windows 7,, and two IE: One the regular, and the other a 64 bit version,. Everytime that I hit a place where some graphics seem to be needed, I get the now extremely ugly popup asking for downloading. When I try to do that, it tells me that they do not support the 64 (lor is it 68) bit version of IE. The tell me what I have to do. I do it. When I try to download again new problems show up, and all kinds of closed circuits to follow that only make me lose my time, and become more aggravated.


          Of course, this is all part of a forced marketing effort at getting everyone on board with their flash player. They induce the users to accept this "sales approach" and such is reinforced by making whther on purpose or due to lack of brain matter very difficult the download. I desisted some time ago to take the download issue to the end, and get the product installed. I decided that I wasn't going to lose hours tryng to download some bugger that I do not expect to utilize very much.


          HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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            Hi dh219,


            I faced the similar problem. To be precise, if you visit a website that requires Flash Player using IE9, it keeps on showing you that you need to upgrade your Flash player no matter how many times you upgrade it. The first place to check is ActiveX Filtering. Press ALT+T and in the menu that appears, remove the tick against ActiveX Filltering. If there is not Tick or No option about ActiveX Filtering, go about resetting the Internet Explorer.


            To reset the IE, Open Internet Options from Control Panel. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the RESET button (the last button on the tab). It will take a minute before the browser restarts. You can now access videos and javascripts. However, you may lose changes that you made to your copy of IE so you will have to do them again if you want.


            Hope this helps.



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              dh219 Level 1

              Thanks! Alt T and taking the checkmark off of filtering worked. Now my only quest

              ion is, why wasn't that in the instructions or brought up in the 1st place. Seems like there are alot of people with issues regarding the upgr


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                ian henniker

                will you stop sending e.mails to me

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                  archmagus199 Level 1

                  I do not know how that happened, because I emailed at an address provided by the Adobe company themselves. But, if you do not get this one, you should not get anything else.



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                    Thank you. After hours & hours (up til 2:00 this morning) of trying to get FP to work, (once you can get it to install if your lucky), I finally have video after your suggestion to un-check Active X filtering. That's all it took. I had worked on this for days and have never been so frustrated in my life. I had followed every suggestion on every forum I could look at. This is an enormous problem for a lot of people and i hope your suggestion works for them too. Seems to big a big problem just to install it and it took me hours before I could get it to install. Thanks again, myshadowone2007

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                      Hi arch, He just replied to the last person that posted a message:-) I have already replied to him that he needs to use the "stop email notification" feature. Hopefully these 4 messages he's sending on the threads will end. He probably forgot that when he Registered he elected to receive them.