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    Rendering Problems


      Hello, ive been having some serious trouble rendering in Adobe After Effects CS4. I worked a project for about 5 hours and when i finished it, it failed to render. After im done choosing my render settings, it begins to render from anywhere between 2 and 4 minutes then freezes. I realized that this usually happens when the RAM usage goes to 50%. So, i went into the preferences and lowered the amount of RAM after effects is allowed to use. This allowed it to render for about an 1 hour so i was going to let it render over night. The next morning, i looked and it sayed render failed and it rendered for an 1 hr and 30 before failing. I assumed that maybe it wasnt a RAM problem after all and that maybe it was my render settings. Im not really advanced in the knowledge of video codecs and stuff so i did some testing. Is it okay if i have multiple videos in a projects of different frame rates and i render it out to one set framerate. I know this works on sony vegas so im just asking for advice. I really need some help with these render problems.I still think RAM is and issue. Any help would be much appreciated







      My System Specs:

      CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz

      GPU: x2 Ati Radeon 5770s Crossfire

      RAM: 4GB DDR5 (but 32 bit says 2.87)

      OS: Windows 7 Enterprsie 32 bit

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          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

          No clue and impossible for me to debug redibly without watching over your shoulder.

          Try this while you're waiting for more competent windows assistance: Make a copy of the comp you are trying to render. Examine it carefully and try to imagine how you would group it into individual movies that can be stacked up. If you don't understand how to precomp or nest, turn off all layers that cannot be exported as self-ctonatined movies. Render these movies one at a time and see if they will complete. If they don't, try to see if there is something they have in common. There will be something.


          if that doesn't sound like any fun, simply tur off half the layers and render. Then tur off the other half and render. Continue to do binary reductive tests until you identify the issue.



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            -Gustov- Level 1

            alright, i figured out the problem and it is the RAM. After effects wants to use more RAM than windows and that causes it to fail. Is there any way i can fix this?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Is there any way i can fix this?


              Not really. You are working on a 32bit OS with 32bit software and only having 2.87 GB for applications is perfectly normal. you can only throw so and so much at that. However, this on a more general level has never stopped anyone from getting work done, so you are probably using some very memory hungry effect or feature or a leaky plug-in. Anyway, without more info this is not going anywhere. That and your computer being a gaming machine certainly doesn't help the matter...