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    Can I insert a slide show into a flash web template?

    Tryin_To Learn

      I have a website that I created using a flash template from Hostgator. I  have the text portion complete and now want to add some of my own  pictures into a slide show or gallery on a serperate page linked to my site. Is there a  way to do so.


      I downloaded 30 day trials of dream-weaver and flash CS5,  but I have little experience using them. I thought I could insert the  slide show directly into the template like an HTML page. I also am  familiar with gimp if that is any help.


      My site is live now and it will give you a better understanding of what I want because I am pretty ignorant when trying to describe issues that I have.




      My goal would be to have a seperate page not linked to the bones buttons on the top, just a page that I have in my public html folder that are hyper linked to words in the website itself

      Can someone tell me how to do this and to how to create hyper links in a flash template. Please forgive any miswordings of the technical terms.