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    Flex RSL library issue

    JMResler Level 1

      I have a Flex app that loads a WSDL dynamically. The web service is then available to be called from the UI.


      When I run the application from within the bin-release directory, outside of Flash Builder the application runs fine.

      When I move the bin-release directory it cannot talk to the web service. The URL is read from the flashvars parameter.

      I don't want to lead possible correct answers but I would expect this to be a path issue under other languages.

      Is there something in the way the RSL's are setup that would change from the project directory to a relocated bin-release directory?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          If you are using file:// then you will need to modify the FlashPlayer Trust

          file.  If you are using http:// it might be a crossdomain.xml issue.


          Are you getting an error?  Post the full text of the error.

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            JMResler Level 1

            Well you were close. The Security Panel has an option to allow applications access from other sites. There is a crossdomain.xml file on the remote server

            but my SWF didn't have permission to make the call. The mx:WebService object was not throwing an exception so I generated the objects from the

            Data menu, retried and received the SOAP fault I wasn't receiving/catching earlier. This then put me on the right track to solving the problem. Thanks for

            your input.


            - John