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    Best deinterlacer for AE (Win)




      Tried a trial of Topaz Enhance for deinterlacing in AE (Win) CS4 - worked very well, but Topaz Labs are no longer selling it so I can't buy it.

      Does anyone have any recommendations of the best deinterlacer for AE CS4?


      Ones I am aware of:

      - Magic Bullet IsntantHD

      - REvisions FieldsKit


      Anyone comment on experiences of these?





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For most work I just separate fields in AE. For some critical processing I'll use the Fields Kit. I think it's the best solution out there.  I've also got the complete Magic Bullet suite but I have only used the MB a couple of time for removing fields. Both of these 3rd party solutions take a bit of time to render.

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            MikeBrs Level 1

            Hi Gerard,


            That is helpful, although I don't think separating fields in AE will do what I want..?


            My apologies, I realise I should have been clearer with how I was using Topaz Enhance:

            - start with NTSC footage: 29.97fps i.e. with interlaced fields at 59.94 per second

            - put into a Comp which is set at 59.94 fps

            - bring in the sequence and use Topaz Enhance to deinterlace

            Result: pretty much perfect 720x480 progressive at 59.94 frames per second.


            Have you tried doing anything like this?


            (I guess I just need to give this a try with FieldsKit or MB demos, but if you have any feedback that would be appreciated)

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Interpret your footage as 29.97 separate fields (probably lower first)


              Drag the footage into the create new comp icon at the bottom of the Project panel.


              Open composition settings and double frame rate. This will give you 59.97 fps progressive footage. You can render or use the footage as a pre-comp if you check maintain frame rate when nested.


              Using the 3rd party plug-ins to separate fields will only improve the apparent sharpness of each frame. Depending on the amount of motion in the frame you may get from slightly better to much better results with the 3rd party plug-ins. Most of the degradation in the image comes from chroma subsampling and from artifacts caused by non square pixels. There are third party solutions that will also help fix these problems.


              I hope this helps.

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                I have both FieldsKit and MB Frames, and in my opinion Fieldskit is better.  Although it may depend on your footage.  For noisy footage MB introduces too many artifacts.  Fieldskit has better options for softening down the result a little.

                With sharp HD footage it may be different.  I don't know, I haven't tried.

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                  MikeBrs Level 1

                  Thanks for the help, I will give both a try